From window trim (lineals) to crown mouldings to crisp corner posts, decorative trim accents truly add the finishing touch while accentuating your home’s exterior architecture. Constructed of high-performance vinyl, PVC, or fiber cement decorative trim accents will last longer than wood and is essentially maintenance-free.
Whether your taste is subtle or vibrant, St Joseph's Roofing siding replacement professionals can help you achieve any desired look with our access to virtually all styles, textures, and colors on the market today. If you can envision it, we can create it for you!



Updating your window and door trim help to create a lasting first impression by unifying and accentuating your home's exterior. Lineal trim (window/door trim) will enhance the profile of your exterior by adding a design element that can be both subtle and distinctive. For even more personality and charm, add crown molding, above the door or window. It’s a look you’ll appreciate every time you cross the threshold into your beautiful home.

There are essentially three elements to consider when selecting exterior window & door trim options:


Exterior Trim Design – Design is one of those all-encompassing elements that can sometimes be hard to put your finger on. While some design is clearly categorized by recognizable features, like traditional trim or Victorian shutters, other designs are more difficult to describe and can often work well with a variety of architectural styles. Lines, edges, shaping, and continuity with other architectural features are all things to look out for when considering different exterior window/door trim designs.

Exterior Trim Color – While some homeowners like their exterior window/door trim, soffit, and front door to match to a tee, others like to take a more complementary approach by using the exterior trim as an opportunity to create contrast with surrounding siding, doors, and other architectural features. Whether you’re choosing a similar color or a contrasting color, it’s important to keep overall tone in mind.

Exterior Trim Trim Style/Type – The third element that comes into play is the exterior window/door trim style or type. In many cases, this can be measured up by material choice. While vinyl and wood are classic favorites, alternative approaches to exterior window trim styles, like stone or mixed-media types, are also available.

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Take your home from ordinary to extraordinary. Don't settle for traditional narrow corner trim with no depth. Go for something distinctive and beautifully unique. Blend traditional vinyl lap siding seamlessly around every bend with Vinyl Carpentry® Corner Systems or Cedar Impressions® Shakes and Shingles with outside mitered corners. PVC and fiber cement corners can help add texture and a contrasting color scheme to your exterior. Create elegance with an edge by adding corner systems and treatments that frame your home with distinction.

Siding Corner Posts

When siding is installed on a house, special corner post pieces are utilized to provide weather-resistant, good-looking joints at both inside and outside corners.They are made from solid vinyl, PVC, fiber cement, and wood. They are available same colors as the siding and can be combined with another siding color to create a contrasting view.

Here is a closer look at both types:

Inside Corner Post

At inside corners of a wall, where the exterior siding meets from two adjoining walls, this accessory provides a weather-resistant joint. The siding fits neatly in the channels extruded along the length of these posts.

These corner posts are manufactured in a variety of sizes to accommodate all types and configurations of siding. In some cases, two J-channels, installed with corners together, substitute for an inside corner post.

Outside Corner Post

These corner posts are designed to provide a neat, weather-resistant outside corner on house walls. These, like inside corner posts, have channels for receiving the siding and come in appropriate widths for all types of siding. 

Insulated Inside & Outside Corner Post

Only available for vinyl siding replacements; foam has been inserted into the inside center of the posts to create an added degree of energy efficiency. 


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When it comes to adding a personal touch to your home’s exterior, accents bring out the best in any style of house. Grab attention with subtle or exciting color combinations. Add charm with Board & Batten. Or create a custom-crafted wood look with beautifully textured, Cedar Impressions® shingles and shakes. CertainTeed and James Hardie make it easy to create a masterpiece you’ll enjoy for years to come.

When it comes to adding a personal touch to your home’s exterior, accents bring out the best in any style of house. Grab attention with subtle or exciting color combinations. Add charm with Board & Batten. Or create a custom-crafted wood look with beautifully textured, Cedar Impressions® shingles and shakes. CertainTeed makes it easy to create a masterpiece you’ll enjoy for years to come.

CertainTeed’s complete selection of exterior product options is tailor-made to take advantage of the exciting mix-and-match trend: combining various materials, textures, styles and colors to create truly unique exterior designs. With multiple profiles of Cedar Impressions®, Board & Batten and Vertical Siding to choose from, the possible ways to accent your home are endless.

Attractive transitions between styles, architectural elements and colors are the best way to ensure a uniform design on any home. CertainTeed offers a wide variety of wall and soffit transition options for you to create beautiful transitions, while providing protection from damaging moisture.


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