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Has your home or business suffered roof damage caused by a recent storm, hail, or high windevent? Do you have an insurance policy that you believe covers all of your damages and necessary repairs? If you are unsure or better yet…you don’t want to deal with any of the ambiguous tactics from your insurance company, then you need St. Joseph’s Roofing, the #1 full-service contractor in Northern Virginia and Maryland. With more than a quarter century’s experience helping property owners repair or replace their roofing, siding, gutters, windows/doors concerns after a severe storm. Our Insurance Specialists have extensive experience managing  any type of insurance claim.

With St Joseph’s Roofing (SJR) by your side, we will be your dedicated advocates throughout the insurance claim process…from the start through the project’s completion. SJR will walk you through the process, step-by-step, to ensure the most effective way to maximize your property damage claims and that you are fully compensated for your losses.

When you partner with St Joseph’s Roofing, we can assist you with your claim in any capacity…the choice is yours:

  • THE HANDS-ON METHOD (DIRECT):  Where you handle the claim yourself and all communication with your insurance company. Your contractor would provide assistance when needed…if necessary.
  • THE HANDS-OFF APPROACH (PASSIVE) : When you have your contractor personally manage the claim for you from start to finish. The only items you’ll be responsible for (other than your deductible & any additional expenses) would be selecting the materials and colors you want to have installed.
  • PUBLIC ADJUSTER: This is a relatively new claim management method where you, as the homeowner, can hire an independent, third party company for a fee…usually a set cost such as a percentage of the overall claim amount. The more the adjuster gets you, the more the adjuster will make. So it is in their best interest to be extremely thorough. The adjuster will communicate directly with your insurance company on your behalf. The adjuster would also work with your contractor until the end of the project. Despite the cost of using an adjuster, most homeowners have reported higher total claim amounts vs the other two methods.. by at least 10-15% more.

All too often insurance companies try to take advantage of homeowners by withholding information and/or denying their claims. Let’s face it, at the end of the day the insurance company’s main goal is to limit liability and to minimize total claim coverage expenditures. This is especially so, when the insurance company is a publicly traded company with shareholders to report on a quarterly basis.

St Joseph’s Roofing is widely recognized as one of the most honest and reputable companies in our industry. Combining our track record with our contacts, resources, and expertise will level the playing field while holding the insurance companies accountable. You can rest assured that there is no better way to handle your insurance claim and to receive the full amount that is owed to you.

Whether you have a flat, low-slope or steep-pitched roof – and no matter what type of siding you have, our Insurance Specialists are the professionals you turn to when you have sustained any sort of storm damage. We’re known for our excellent workmanship, transparent pricing, integrity, and our commitment to you, the customer, so please call us today or click on the link below to schedule your complimentary storm damage assessment from St. Joseph’s Roofing!

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Images of Storm Damage
Never dismiss what you believe might be minor damage.

Shingle damage from hail can be hard to detect, particularly if you’re trying to assess the damage from the ground. Even minor damage can allow water to get under the shingles and into your home. Always schedule a professional roof inspection after a serious hail and/or high wind storm. Another indication that your roof may have sustained damage is by noticing if your neighbors’ roofs are also being inspected. If they were damaged in the storm and are being repaired or replaced, there’s a good chance your roof was impacted too.

Remember, unless you’re experienced in working on a roof yourself, the safest way to inspect a roof after a storm is to have a professional roofer perform the inspection. They’ll have the expertise and equipment to do the inspection safely and thoroughly.

Contact a storm damage expert to perform the inspection.

Not all roofing contractors are qualified to make a thorough inspection for storm damage. Less experienced roofers may miss important but subtle signs the roof requires repair or replacement. In contrast, a roofer trained to identify damage properly can diagnose issues in a way that’s in line with insurance company guidelines. That means you may have a better chance of filing a successful claim.

TIP: Use a professional, local company for your storm damage assessment. Most local companies will have experience dealing with adjusters that the insurance companies use in your area. Never underestimate the rapport that a local company can build up over time with the insurance company’s local adjuster.

Always arrange for a professional company to be present when the insurance company’s adjuster if there for the inspection.

This is essential! An experienced roofer will work with the adjuster to make sure your roof is properly assessed. For example, during major storm events, insurance companies sometimes bring in out-of-state adjusters to handle the additional workload. These adjusters may not be familiar with local building codes; a local storm damage roofer will be familiar with these guidelines and help ensure that your roof is repaired or replaced to code.

Don’t get lost in the paperwork of a claim.

Keep careful track of all claim-related information, including dates and claim number. Also ask lots of questions to make sure you understand the payout process. Some insurance adjusters will write a check immediately after the assessment. Others may put the claim to review and then issue a check later.

An experienced roofing storm damage contractor will have the expertise to work with the insurance company. In some cases, the roofing company’s office can handle much of the paperwork for you, eliminating the stress and time involved in handling everything yourself.

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