You have questions about our services, and we have the answers. Our answers may not apply to all contractors.
What does your home improvements service offer?

Our Home Improvement service is actually a variety of services cataloged together to make it easier to present on our website. We offer everything from window and door replacement to siding and gutter replacement. If it has to do with your roofing, exterior walls, gutters or siding, or windows and doors then we’re the right team to call, right now!

How do I know if I need window replacement?

There are some clear indicators you can look for to determine if a window needs to be replaced. First, are there broken components of the glass or frame? Do you see moisture collecting around the window in the form of droplets, puddles or condensation? Is paint peeling away? Do you hear whistling sounds from the frame? Any of these issues should be checked by a St. Joseph’s Roofing professional immediately. Estimates are free when you call (703) 716-7663!

What types of gutter systems do you work with?

St. Joseph’s Roofing’s gutter replacement teams specialize in galvanized steel and aluminum systems, but we work with all modern materials and system configurations to deliver high quality replacements that last for years to come. Plus, we stand behind all of our work with a complete satisfaction guarantee, so you know the results will be terrific before we take our leave!

Do you offer energy-efficient siding options?

Yes, we offer the finest siding products the industry has to offer – all manufactured with energy efficiency in mind! We understand how important this is to our clients and always ensure they’re offered the best materials during our replacement consultations. As with all of our services, we’ll recommend what we believe to be the best option and allow you to make your own decision. You’re the customer and it’s your property, so you’ll get exactly what you want on every service visit!

How long does a door replacement project take?

This is an excellent question and one we hear all the time – especially in summertime. We understand home and property owners are hesitant to have a door off the hinges for hours on end, but it does take time to ensure a lasting and functional replacement. If no issues are encountered, it usually only takes one to two hours to complete a door replacement. Again, if issues are found that estimate goes right out the window. Call (703) 716-7663 and get answers with an estimate visit from St. Joseph’s Roofing.


The most common roofing questions we hear from our Northern Virginia and Maryland customers.
How much does a new roof cost?

Ah, the #1 question on the lips of every customer dreading a roof replacement. Sadly, we have no concrete answer to this one. There are just too many factors that play a role in pricing a roof replacement to give a solid answer. However, you can use three numbers to determine a rough estimate. These are as follows:

  • Square Footage
  • Labor Time
  • Warranty

Each of these will play a role in your costs. The bigger the roof, the more materials and labor will be needed. The more complex it is, the higher the price too. Any warranty applied will also come at a cost, and not all warranties are equal, so you need to be certain the cost is worth the return. Our Leak Free Guarantee leads the industry and is worth every penny for the peace of mind it brings. Remember, estimates are free for roof replacement so call (703) 716-7663 to schedule your visit today!

Does a contractor need licensing and insurance to repair my roof?

Yes, they should always have licensing and insurance to perform any work on your property. If not, they could void your warranties, harm your property or person, or deliver substandard work that could haunt you for years. In short, licensing and insurance are things a reputable contractor has and a disreputable one doesn’t. Which would you rather work with? St. Joseph’s Roofing is fully licensed and insured and certified by the top names in the industry!

Why is roof maintenance so important?

Did you know that most manufacturers design roofing materials and products with regular maintenance in mind? It’s true. Proactive roof maintenance is all about catching issues while they’re small. That means you can deal with them for little cost and ensure no longer-term ramifications to come. Basically, a roof is an integral part of your structure. It deals with more abuse than you can imagine and needs some attention if it’s to last as intended. For the cost, roof maintenance can’t be beat at this task, so call (703) 716-7663 for a free estimate today!

Do you work with roof insurance claims?

Yes, we help homeowners with their roofing insurance claims. In fact, we’ll work closely with you and your insurance adjuster to ensure you get equitable treatment – not to mention adequate funding to properly replace your roofing. From paperwork to inspection, consultation to roofing service – you won’t find a better roofing insurance claim contractor in all of Northern Virginia and Maryland. Our Leak Free Guarantee alone sets us apart!

What’s the first roofing step I should take?

That’s the easiest question we hear from customers. The first step to take is always calling (703) 716-7663 to speak with a knowledgeable St. Joseph’s Roofing professional about your specific roofing challenges. They’ll answer any questions you have about our service, our references, our licensing and insurance policies, our timetables, etc. before scheduling the best time to visit your property for your free estimate. If you can’t call now, just use our helpful contact form and we’ll call you at a time of your choosing. It’s that easy!

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