Our experienced Project Managers are well-versed on all latest guard guard technology and options. Each roof provides its own set of challenges for any gutter guard system….from understanding the drainage flow, potential collection points, your desired look, and type of trees you have on your property are just a few elements of concern to review before narrowing down your gutter guard alternatives. We will help you select the gutter guards that best compliment your house and roofing system.


The role of a gutter guard or gutter screen is to prevent fallen leaves, twigs and debris from entering the inside of your gutter system. Gutter guards come in various types such as PVC, aluminum, steel, vinyl and copper ones. Many homeowners have realized the benefits of installing gutter guards.

Prevent Damage

When your gutters get clogged from ice, the water starts to pool around or flow into your home. This can damage your property and various areas of the house such as the roof, foundation, walls, and the basement. The excess water causes your gutter to have additional weight, and the gutter might give in.

Water damage is not a pretty sight, and you wouldn’t want to expose your home to it. If you want to avoid these problems, then you need to install a gutter guard. It will make your gutters stronger to withstand excess pressure even during the worst weather.

When you fail to clean your gutter system you’re inviting problems, because clogged gutters can be nearly as bad as having no gutters at all. Rainwater trapped in a clogged gutter or downspout has nowhere to go but over the edge of the trough, rendering your gutter system virtually useless. And if the leaves, twigs, and other debris remain during winter, snowmelt can pool and refreeze in the gutters, potentially weighing them down so much that they can pull free from the house. Clogged gutters also increase the risk of ice dams forming at the edge of the roof.

Improve Home Value

If you are looking to buy a home and you come across one that has gutter guards and another one that does not have them. Which one would you choose? It is automatic that the presence of gutter guards adds to the value of your home.

Pest Infestations

When you have a gutter guard, water will not accumulate in your gutters. Stagnant water often attracts various pests and insects such as mosquitoes,  birds, and mice.


If you have a gutter without a gutter guard, then you will have to clean the gutter. This involves climbing on the roof using a ladder which can be dangerous.

Anything can happen while you are cleaning your gutter, such as falling  off the ladder. You could also damage your siding or roof in the cleaning process, or even the very gutter you are trying to clean.

A gutter guard will reduce your chances of injuring yourself and damaging your home because you will do significantly less cleaning.

What is the difference between a gutter screen & gutter guard..?

Gutter Screen

Gutter screens are similar to gutter covers, except they are made from screen rather than solid roof-like material. Gutter screens are easier to install, as they simply snap into place.  This system is great for someone who is confident in their own ability to install a system. Gutter screens have two parts, the frame and the screen. It is a smarter choice to get a metal frame, as it will withstand and better prevent debris and water damage. Unfortunately, the diamond-shaped holes in the gutter screens allow for more debris to get into the gutters than the gutter covers. Although this is true for most gutter screens, there are some highly expensive versions that do a fine job of preventing debris from getting inside. If you are interested in investing, then the gutter screens option is a good choice to make. Nonetheless, gutter screens require more upkeep and cleaning efforts on the owner’s behalf. While gutter screens do prevent large debris, they are probably not the best choice if you are having problems with smaller debris.


Gutter Guards (also known as covers)

Gutter covers are solid attachments that connect to the gutters. Their sturdy structure presents great endurance and the prevention of clogging. Gutter covers may, however, require installation assistance, as they are more difficult to put in than other options. Although some people are capable of installing gutter systems, gutter covers are somewhat difficult and it is recommended that you get assistance from someone who is extremely familiar with the specific gutter cover installation methods. They are also extremely noticeable, due to their structure.  While gutter covers may be the smartest choice in terms of preventative care, their installation and visibility are issues to be considered.

Another con to consider when deciding between gutter screens or gutter covers is that gutter covers perform poorly during heavy deluges or persistent heavy rain. Gutter covers rely on the surface tension of water to draw the draining water into the gutter system. However, when the rain intensity reaches a certain threshold, the surface tension process no longer works as the water will simply cascade off the front end of the gutter cover creating a waterfall type effect. This can lead to flooded basements, washed away flower beds, etc.

Cleaning your home’s gutters is a messy chore, but it’s vital to keep your home’s stormwater drainage system free of clogs. Formed from decomposing leaves, twigs, and other debris, clogs can force water to flow over the side of the gutter, damaging foundation plantings and compromising the foundation itself. Fortunately, you don’t need to teeter on a ladder twice a year to keep your gutters clear. Installing gutter guards prevents debris from ever entering your gutters, all but eliminating the risk of clogs

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With all the various options on the market today, selecting the best gutter protection system can be shockingly more difficult than you originally expected. Do yourself the favor of leveraging our 28+ years of experience & knowledge with assisting you in selecting the most effective system for your home.

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