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Your gutter system is an integral part of your home because if they leak, are clogged or have any other problem, they can seriously damage your home’s foundation. That is why St. Joseph’s Roofing offers you to get the best quality gutters to ensure that water from your roof drains properly.

All our seamless gutter systems are done with superior craftsmanship, hand-fabricated corners, and a hidden hanger system to give your system a clean look. When installing your system, we use precision measurement and installation to tailor a system specific to your home.  

St Joseph’s Gutters are manufactured by using vinyl, copper or aluminum, which makes them durable as they are able to weather even the most severe conditions. Gutters are your first line of defense against rainy Springs and snowy Winters. They collect rainwater, direct it to the downspouts, and safely drain it to a designated place or sewer. One of the more common complaints we hear about rainwater runoff is pooling at the home’s foundation, which suggests an improper installation or a clogged or damaged system. Standing water will soak into the ground and flood your basement, or cause serious foundation damage—both of which require costly repairs. Water will always follow the path of least resistance and therefore, given the opportunity, water can damage any part of your home. A properly sloped roof and seamless gutters remove water before it can harm your home, foundation, and landscape.

When we install your new gutter system, your gutters will be leak-free, angled for optimal water flow, and professionally secured to your home with hidden hangers designed for strength and durability….all done without damaging your siding or roof. 

Once installed, your new gutters will go to work. Here are some of the reasons why our gutter replacement services are the best choice for replacing or installing new gutters:

  • We will help you select the best gutters for your home. You can choose from a variety of materials and colors. You can select high-grade aluminum gutters or stylish copper gutters. Aluminum gutters come in variety of colors to help you achieve any look.
  • Secondly, when gutters are not installed properly, water can damage the foundation and the exterior, flood the basement and sometimes other floors as well. That is how cracks start to form and if the problem is not solved immediately, the foundations become weak. But don’t worry; we know how to keep these serious issues at bay. Contractor gutter replacement involves the installation of gutters in a way that leads all the runoff directly to the gutters. The water will be drained away from the structure to avoid any structural damage.
  • We also provide you the facility of installing gutter covers to make sure that they are not clogged by trash, leaves and bird nests, and keep your roof and foundations protected in harsh weather.
  • There will be no leakage, puddles and stains. Plus your basement will remain dry and extra maintenance or cleaning costs will be saved.

St. Joseph’s Roofing hires people who are very skilled and are known for their professional attitude. Installing gutters is messy, but our people work as quietly and skillfully as possible so that you are not disturbed. You can trust our quality products and installation and professionalism.

Your gutters are a key component in your home’s water removal system. They take water away without allowing it to damage important structural elements – like your foundation. If the gutters are damaged or clogged with debris, they can fail in their task and cause a great deal of financial strain on you, the homeowner. In short, your gutters need to be operating at peak efficiency at all times. Thankfully, St. Joseph’s Roofing offers new seamless gutters manufactured using aluminum or the classic feel of copper gutters. You can also add gutter guards to keep debris from interrupting the proper flow of water away from the home.

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Are You Looking To Replace Your Old Gutter System?

Top Reasons Why Homeowners Replace Their Gutter System:
  1. A large number of cracks, holes, or rust spots. A few of these can be fixed using some sealant and maybe a little flashing. But if you see more than half a dozen sections where this is apparent, then you may want to opt for all new gutters.
  2. Improper Drainage Flow.If you notice when it rains, that the water flow cascades over the front then it’s time to consider getting new gutters.
    In recent years the intensity of our summer storms has increased consistently, and if you’re stuck with smaller sized gutters, then you may see what we call the “waterfall” effect. This means that your current gutter system is not big enough to handle the amount of water draining off your roof, which will result in a multitude of issues, such as basement flooding or foundation damage.
  3. Nails or screws on the ground. Sometimes, the nails or screws that fasten the gutter to the fascia can work themselves loose. Replacing them isn’t difficult; but again, repeated instances of this may indicate gutter wear or fascia damage.
  4. Gutters pulling away from the roof. Rotten or damaged fascia boards will no longer be able to withstand the weight of your gutter system or allow the gutter spikes or screws to stay in place. Fascia boards are the pieces of wood trim that hold your gutter to your roof and help maintain your gutter pitch. The gutter system is fastened to the fascia board. When the fascia begins to rot due to water damage, this allows the gutter system to pull away from the house leaving an opening for water to penetrate your home. This can lead to damage to your soffits, the area under your roof eaves, and even in the worst case scenario the rafter roof supports. You can hammer in the fasteners time and again, but if spaces continue to appear between your roofline and your gutters, the fascia boards may be rotting. A gutter replacement will fix the fascia problems along with giving you new gutters.
  5. Sagging or improperly-pitched gutters. If a proper pitch is not maintained along your gutter system, the water will pool in certain sections and possibly spill over. Consider replacing your gutters if you are unable to fix this problem.
  6. Separated gutters. Guttering systems only function if they are fastened together in a continuous channel. If they begin separating from one another frequently, it may be time for a gutter replacement.
  7. Peeling exterior paint. When gutters pull away from your roof, the water can seep down over the rear edge and onto your siding or trim. Peeling paint means this has been happening for a while and you should probably replace your gutters.
  8. Dirt channels or pooling water. After a rain event, you may notice evidence that water is spilling over your gutters. Try to correct the problem, but consider a gutter replacement if the water doesn’t go away.
  9. Eroded landscaping. You work hard to make your landscaping look good. If you must repeatedly invest time and money to repair water damage from malfunctioning gutters, bite the bullet and arrange for a gutter replacement.
  10. Flooded basements. Water constantly pouring near your foundation can leak into your basements, where it can do some costly damage. While repairing your basement, you should go ahead and replace your gutters as well.

Be Aware of the Potential Hidden Horror

Overflowing water from clogged gutters can spill over onto your siding or back up into your roof, drenching some of your roof’s wooden components, such as the fascia board. Over time, excessive moisture, combined with fungi spores, can cause wood rot. Since wood is the primary material used to build homes, wood rot can be a major issue if left unattended.

How serious an issue is wood rot? Wooden components that have rot should be replaced as soon as possible, along with faulty gutters, by experienced professionals.

How fast does wood rot spread? Well, it depends on the type of wood rot. In general, there are three types:

  1. Brown rot – Brown rot or dry rot affects cellulose, the substance that allows wood and other plants to remain upright. As rot slowly breaks down the cellulose, wood shrinks and turns brown until it breaks into cube-shaped bits. Of the three, this is the type of rot that spreads the fastest.

  2. White rot – Wood with white rot has a whitish or light yellow shade and feels spongy. While brown rot affects the cellulose, white rot affects lignin, which performs a similar function. Both types of rot usually thrive in temperatures between 65 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

  3. Soft rot – Soft rot spreads slower than the other two types of rot, but it has a higher tolerance for temperature extremes, being able to thrive in temperatures between 0 and 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Like brown rot, soft rot breaks down wood’s cellulose component, but instead of leaving behind cube-shaped bits, it gives wood a honeycomb-like appearance.

If you see any of the warning signs of rot, have a contractor inspect your home right away. If wood rot starts to affect other parts of your home, it can weaken wooden beams and, in the long term, compromise the structural integrity of your home.

Gutter System Basics:

Gutters are the horizontal part, usually aluminum, of your gutter system that are installed along the eaves (edges) of your roof, or along other roof structures like dormers. Gutters are open at the top, the mouth of the gutter, to capture rainwater flowing down/off of the roof, directing the waterflow into the downspouts. Gutters are measured by width (at the mouth); standard sizes would be considered 4″, 5″, or 6″ gutters. The most common gutter size in our region is 5″.

Downspouts are the vertical, closed sections of the gutter system that direct water from the roof to ground level and then away from the house. A proper drainage system should guide water away from your home’s foundation. In some cases, downspouts are attached to an underground drainage system, such as a French drain. Downspouts can also to connected to rain barrels to capture water for personal use throughout your property.


Did you know…..?

  • Increasing the curb appeal of your home by replacing your gutters with newer, larger (wider) is a cost effective way of increasing your home’s value, with a 83% return on investment.
  • When you increase your gutter size to 6″ and the downspout size to 3″ x 4″, your new gutter system will handle up to 200% more water flow (drainage) vs. the standard 4″ – 5″ gutter system.
  • Seamless gutters are made on-site with a gutter specific roll forming machine. The gutter metal comes is a roll and is formed through the gutter machine at your house. Your gutters are seamless from corner to corner. Each gutter section is custom made and only specific to your house. This ensures your new gutter system has the straightest line & tightest fit to all the contours of your home.

Standard Gutter Styles:

Custom-built Seamless Gutters

  • Provide a sleek, contemporary look. Unlike K-style or half-round gutters, seamless gutters aren’t sold in sections that fit together, leaving seams that are prone to rust and leaks. Instead, fascia gutters are custom built for the house out of one long stretch of aluminum.
  • Seamless gutter systems must be professionally installed.
  • Most seamless gutters are aluminum or vinyl.

 K-style Gutters

  • These gutters are called K-Style because, when viewed from the side, they resemble the letter ‘K’. This is the most common type for homes built within the past 50 years, though many owners of older homes still install them today. Thanks to the flat back of the K-style gutter, you can nail it directly to the fascia board, no brackets required.
  • But what really makes K-style gutters so popular is the typically decorative front side, which generally resembles crown molding. Thanks to their flat bottoms and straight, outwardly angled sides, K-style gutters usually can carry more water than half-round gutters, so they’re especially suited to rainy climates.
  • On the downside, K-design gutters are a little harder to clean than half-round gutters, as the inner angles collect rotting debris.
  • Most K-Style gutters are aluminum, however some older gutters can be made of galvanized steel.

Half-Round Gutters

  • Half-round refers to their shape; like a tube cut in half, so to speak.
  • Half-round gutters carry water effectively, however their open, trough-like shape makes them prone to leaf and debris clogs—the reason many homeowners choose to install leaf guards. Plus, their curved sides mean they don’t sit flush against the fascia boards, so generally, brackets are required to keep them in place.
  • While half-round gutters aren’t particularly decorative, they are the traditional style found on homes built prior to 1960; if you live in an older neighborhood or in a historic home, local ordinances might require this type of rain gutter.
  • Half-Round gutters are typically either aluminum or copper, especially seen on historic homes.

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