How To Choose A Fairfax Virginia Roofing Contractor


How To Choose A Fairfax Virginia Roofing Contractor

Roofing is one of those activities that homeowners will have to undertake at one point in their life. It may be in the form of installation if you are constructing a building for the first time or it may inform of renovation or upgrade for an existing house. A home is not complete without a roof on it. In fact, in the current days, it is not only about setting a roof but setting the best. The technology has opened the door for discovery of a variety of roof types with a lot of designs to choose from. A lot of companies can now manufacture different kinds of rooftops that are more durable, reliable, convenient and a lot more features that have given homeowners a reason to smile again. Unlike before where most of the rooftops were very fragile and prone to damages due to climatic condition and other physical factors, homeowner today do not have to worry about constant repair and renovation. Most of the modern roof construction are not only durable but have also been built with materials that are resistant to most of these climatic changes.

The other advantage that the new homeowners will have to enjoy is the availability of competent roofers that can be trusted to do a good job. Unlike before where the roofers were not only not qualified but were also limited in number, today we have a lot of certified roofers in Virginia who are lucky to have adequate resources that have made their work efficient. Apart from that, there has been a lot of technical learning institutions that have been established with the sole aim of impacting more people with roof construction skills. In as far as this has brought a lot of joy to a lot of homeowners, it has equally brought some challenges with it which are given most of the homeowners a lot headache. One of the challenges being choosing the right roofer for your home that will do a perfect job for you. Not everybody can be trusted to do a decent job. You need somebody with some experience, technical know-how and one who is certified as a roofer.

However, if you are in Fairfax, Va or you are planning to build a home there, then you are halfway there since you will not have to worry about who to entrust with your Fairfax Va roofing services. St Joseph’s Roofing Contractors are some of best roofers that you will ever come across. They are the reason behind some of the beautiful roofs that you see across Fairfax, Va. However, for the new homeowners, you need to be extra cautious as the saying goes, in every market, there are some companies with less then stellar. You should expect a lot of people or companies that will approach you promising you exceptional services that you will never live to see. The good news is that you don’t have to be a victim of such malpractice as we will take you through the detailed information of what you need to know about the Fairfax Virginia Roofing Contractors and some of the factors to consider when choosing the best roofer in Virginia.

Important Tips and factors to consider when Choosing a good and reputable Fairfax Virginia Roofing Contractor.

Do Extensive Research.

This should be the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about hiring a reputable roofer in Virginia. Luckily there several techniques that you can utilize to make sure that you a thorough work is done. One of the strategies that you can use is approaching your friends or neighbors who may have had to deal with a similar problem at some point. Ask them any question on the who experience until that time when the service was delivered. The internet is another tool that has made thing much easier for the homeowners. You get to conduct your research at the comfort of your home, either through your phone, tablet, computer or any other gadget that can access the internet. Luckily, a lot of contractors have designed their website in a user-friendly manner that makes it much easier for any person to inquire about their services and get feedback almost immediately.

Another strategy that you can use which is most preferable is approaching the different contractors and interviewing them. It is a very reliable way of gathering information since you get first-hand information and you have a chance to ask for clarification. Some of the areas that you need to base your research on include matters to do with license & bonding,  warranties and liability insurance.

Licenses: While most roofers are legitimate, you need to be sure you are dealing with a certified contractor. The only way you can do this is by asking for their licenses to operate and make sure it is legit. A good roofer should place such a document on display in their office, on their website and for every interested person to see without necessarily asking for it.

While most states require a roofer to be licensed in the state in which they do business, all state have different requirements. So make sure the roofing contractor is licensed to do business with the Commonwealth of Virginia. Also make sure the License is a Contractor License and not just a Business License. A professional reputable roofing company will have a Class A Contractors license issued and up to date from the Commonwealth of Virginia, in order to conduct lawful business in Virginia.

The Roofing Contractor License requires years of experience, successful completion of work projects, passing written exams based upon material, safety, construction, repairs, preparation, planning, and estimating.

Class A contractors must have a minimum of 5 years experience, and provide names and addresses of 3 people that can attest to the satisfactory completion of building, home improvement, or commercial improvement projects.

Exam subject areas include Estimating & Plan Reading, Surface Preparation & Planning, Steep and Low Slope Roofing (including BUR and Waterproofing), Roofing Components, Safety, Repairs and Reroofing.

Virginia Roofing Licenses are distributed by the Va Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation which require applications fees, extensive documentation to support the proficiency of the company, examinations and requires Biennial renewals.

Eligibility for a VA contractor license is based on the knowledge, skills, abilities, financial position, and other entry requirements set forth in §54.1-1106, §54.1-1108 and § 54.1-1108.2 (subject to the exemptions in §54.1-1101) of the Code of Virginia.

Warranties. This is an exclusive agreement that is formed between the contractor, homeowner and the insurance company guaranteeing the owner that any defect to the original roof that may come up before the agrees period matures is fully catered for by the insurer. You need a company that has put in place such measures for you to be guaranteed that you will not have to go back to your pocket should such an eventuality happened withing the stipulated time.

Liability Insurance: We all agree that nobody is perfect which means that you need to come up with a backup plan should the original plan fail. Liability insurance measures that most roofing companies put in place to protect themselves from suffering more losses and damaging their reputation should their employee cause more damage in their course of work. A homeowner wants a roofer that has put such consideration in place so that in the case of any severe damage that may come up, he/she will not be forced to bear the loss by him/herself.

The Financial Consideration in the entire roofing Process.

Before you can even start your roofing process, it is always good for you to come up with a budget for the whole process. This will be essential to ensure that no component required in the roofing process is left unaccounted for. You should not forget that there are a lot of materials that are needed to set up the roof. There are also some tools that roofers expects you to have to make the construction easier and faster.  Luckily, some of these  Roofing Contractors have these materials with them or are endorsed by particular manufacturers which may be much easier and also cheaper. Nobody wants to do double work which may turn up to be not only tiresome but also costly.

After you have decided on the way forward, the second option is always to shortlist your roofing contractors depending on their entire cost of services plus materials, as well as the materials that each contractor has. From there you should eliminate them not necessarily based on the cost, but on their reputation, their type of materials they offer as well as other benefits that customers get from the different contractors. For instance, nobody wouldn’t want a company that is guaranteeing free roof repair withing a given duration after their services?At the end of the day, you should be in a position to decide which company will fit your budget and give quality services as well.
The Reputation of the Roofing contractor.

This is what is commonly referred to as the goodwill. As mentioned above, the companies reputation tell us more about your services. Although most companies with a high reputation tend to be costlier and difficult to hire, this should not discourage you since what you want is good service. Note that you may choose to go for a company whose services are cheaper thinking that you are saving you money, but end up spending even more in repairs and renovation, which not only waste your time but will affect the original design of your roof. How can you tell a company with a good reputation? The answer is simple to ask from friends or do your research on the internet. For instance, look at reviews from Angie’s List, Google Reviews, and other testimonials.

The availability of Resources

A Virginia Roofing Company cannot be relied upon to do quality work if in the first place it has no resources. Resources may be either human resources or the physical resources. Regarding human resources, you need to look for a company that has enough workforce, both skilled and unskilled. The duration that your roofing process is likely to take to a large extent depends on the workforce that will be working on it. You don’t need a company that you might be forced to hire more unskilled labor for your roofing to be completed in time. On the other side, physical resources are the types of equipment and assets that a company has that will make the work much easier and convenient. For instance, a company that has a machine that can help them go on top of a building without necessarily using a ladder to do the roofing would be preferable compared to a company that has no machinery will make the work easier.

The incorporation of Current Technology in their Operation.

We have to admit it, the technology is taking over, and it has made services more convenient and faster. A serious roofing company should benefit from such discovery to improve their service delivery. You need a company with more modernized facilities that will guarantee you a fantastic job. Some of these companies have a lot of paperwork that is not only tiresome but also prone to damages or being misplaced. A company that has a good system that can be operated online is much more preferable as you will not have to worry about wasting a lot of time running up and down for you to be served. In fact, most of these Fairfax Virginia Roofing Contractors have made things much easier for their clients as all the processes involved are done online which means you can even do it from the comfort of your home. Though it is not so much important, it is necessary as it may save you some miscellaneous expenses and time as well.

Diversified Roofing Services

This simply means the ability to handle all roof related activities. We all want a roofer who can perform all the roofing problems without experiencing any difficulties. For instance, a roofer who can comfortably deal with both roofing and siding is much more preferable compared to one who only perform either siding or roofing but not both. Also, the current trends in roofing have seen the discovery of a lot of roofing designs to choose from. Some of these designs are so complicated are requires a high level of expertise to make sure that it come out as expected. Unfortunately, some of these roofers are not conversant with some of these designs which mean that you may end up either settling for a design that you never wanted, or you will have to look for another roofer who can do the work which may prove more expensive. A good roofing contractor should either be well equipped with all the information on the different designs or should have different roofers who can set different models of rooftops or even siding services so that once, they are approached they know which roofer to assign the work.Therefore, before you can sign the contractor, be sure that the contractor will be in a position to meet your taste and preferences.

Response to an emergency.

Emergencies are mainly common in the already built houses that at some time maybe exposed to either physical factors, natural calamities or environmental factors that may lead to the roof destruction. Unfortunately, most of these roof emergencies can weight like a collapsed roof or a leaking roof; they need immediate attention. Luckily most of the Virginia Roofing Contractors have put adequate measures to make sure that they can deal with emergencies. Some have gone an extra mile by making their services available for twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week and even 364 days a year which is incredibly amazing. As a homeowner, you need that roofer that you are sure to get at any time of the day and one who responds very fast to emergencies. Again, thanks to the internet, you can ask for these services through their online platforms or just by giving them a call. It is always advisable to build a sustainable relationship with the roofer who originally set the roof for you so that you can always reach out to them in future if need be. You, therefore, need to be sure that the roofer you choose will be in a position to deal with any emergency or renovation in future.


The mode of communication, as well as the channels of communication for a roofing contractor, can tell you how good they are. You need a roofer that you will not have a problem communicating with. A good contractor should have a well-established communication protocol to ensure that their customers need to be attended to as soon as possible. Among the strategies that a company should have is a customer care unit where one can always call and be sure to get a response. There is nothing more frustrating like making an urgent call, and there is nobody on the other end to receive your call. Luckily, there is more invention such as Voice Over Internet Protocol(VoIP) which has made communication much cheaper and easier than before. There are also more inventions such as answering machines, and programs companies can now use to keep track of their customers. You find that sometimes one has to spend a lot of time in the queue waiting to be served and nobody likes to be kept waiting. There is a software that you can now use where anybody can call and leave a message instead of waiting on the queue or failing to send the message. A good roofing contractor should have such measures in place to make sure that there is good communication.
The mode of communication also means a lot, luckily, there are some ways most companies have adapted like emailing, sending a short message through their phone or even online chatting on their website; a good roofer needs to perfect on each.

Hard working.

You find that most people work on strict deadlines especially for the commercial building which means that you need somebody who is more committed and disciplined with his work. You need a roofing contractor that can work within the stipulated deadlines and still do amazing work. How do I tell a hardworking roofer? Well, the first thing you can do is make your observation from their own going work elsewhere if any. You can also inquire from friends or neighbors. Above all, you need somebody who will respect your property and who is willing to listen to your opinion. Some Roofers are so rigid that they can’t even listen to what the customer has to say.

Those are just a few factors that as a homeowner in Virginia you need to consider when looking for a good Fairfax Virginia roofing contractors that will do an incredible job for you. It is now upon you, remember that you will have to live with the decision you make. Building a house is an expensive activity that calls for a lot of patience and consideration. There are higher chances that you may spend the rest of life in that house which means that if you made a mistake especially in the roof design, you would have to live with it. One thing that I always discourage is doing the roofing especially the repair and renovation by ourselves. At one point, you may realize a small fault on your roof and decide to fix it by yourself; you may end up causing more damages.

In conclusion, roofing is a delicate activity which needs to be handled with a lot of caution. You need to do adequate research to make sure that you get nothing but the best. You also need to make it your personal obligation to ensure that regular inspection is done on your roof so that any minor problem is discovered and fixed before it worsens. Also, you do not have to weight for your roof to completely collapse for you to do the repair, make it a routine to do renovation at least ones or twice a year. Also, the technology keeps on changing introducing more features on our roofing needs which you can always incorporate to your roofs. Other roofing trends that have become so common in Virginia is the insulation and siding. For instance, if your house happens to be losing a lot of heat from inside, then it is high time you installed insulation roofs to control the warmth in your home. Also, if you are expecting hail storms, then installing siding could be a good preventive measure to avoid being caught unaware. Although the article may not have touched on all the details you need to know about finding a good Fairfax Virginia Roofing Contractor, most of the essential factors have been touched on which gives a good ground to start from as homeowner.

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