How Winter Weather Affects Your Roof

May 9, 2020by Nick

Winter weather is hard on the exterior of our homes but the roof can suffer the most. The damage is caused by weather elements which damage the roof in many ways. Understanding these elements and the risks can save you a lot of money, help you save time, and avoid expensive repairs. Below is how elements of winter-weather can affect the roof of your home.

Roof Structure Damage

Heavy accumulation of ice and snow on your roof can surpass the approved weight causing the rafters, decking, or trusses to collapse partially or completely.

Shingle Damage

Due to cold temperatures, shingles can become very weak. This can make them break, crack or chip due to heavy snow, ice, and the high winds associated with blizzards. Broken or missing shingles can then expose your roof, and the entire house, to leaks or water damage.

Gutter Damage

Gutters blocked by debris are not able to drain rainwater or melting snow properly. Freezing snow and ice produce a build-up, which eventually may become too heavy for the gutters resulting in damage. Another related issue is ice-dam formation which occurs when ice is formed along the edges of the gutters. The melting snow or ice then does not drain properly and the water can flow under the roof injuring decking, shingles, and even ceilings and walls.

Skylight and Chimney Damage

The waterproof material that is installed to avoid water penetrating around the edges of a chimney can be comprised when ice or snow accumulates. Once the snow melts, water can find its way in and destroy the chimney masonry, roof decking, and shingles.

Blocked Ventilation

We all know how important ventilation is to our houses. Ice and snow build up can obstruct good ventilation of the roof area. It can lead to shingle deterioration or mold growth. Once the shingles or the attic ventilation is compromised, a home’s entire energy efficiency might be reduced.Why it is important to have your roof inspected and repaired before winter?

It is important to get your roof looked at and fixed during the fall. Put it on your to-do-list so your roof can withstand snow, ice, freezing rain, and other winter related elements. Below are some of the benefits of having a professional roofer evaluate your roof ahead of winter

Avoid Expensive Repairs

In many cases, roof repair is not in your budget and can be a costly, emergency expense. To prevent incurring these costs, prevent the elements of winter-weather from hurting your roof by having it looked at or fixed before the snow start falling. Keep in mind that a roof inspection is cheaper than a big repair. It is also essential to note that if the roof does have problems, the longer you take to notice them, the worse they become, and the more expensive they might be to repair.

Identify the Minor Issues

Roofs are not like other parts of the house. It is difficult to identify minor issues such as a small leak or shingles falling apart. By having the roof inspected, the small issues can be identified and fixed before they turn to bigger problems. This means you can save some money if you are proactive. This can help you preserve the integrity of the roof and avoid full-scale replacement during winter or in the future.

Enjoy Greater Comfort  

When the sleet and snow start to fall, you want to ensure that your house is ready to resist all the elements. If it fails to withstand them, you might end up with a faulty roof making it hard for you to live in your home. Have the roof checked and fixed. It is easier than waiting for something bad to happen and will give you peace of mind when high winds blow and heavy snow falls.

Having your roof inspected before winter is a good investment. If you have not planned for the inspection with a reliable roofing company, ensure you plan for one now. Even if you may not be able to do a full repair, fixing minor issues can save you a lot.

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