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October 31, 2022by Nick0

Technology is broadening minute by minute. No matter what new technology comes out today, sooner or later it is going to be replaced by something more advanced and more cost-effective. The roofing industry is definitely not an exception to the rule.

Let’s take a look at new technologies that have hit the market and are revolutionizing the roofing industry.

Cool Roofs

What are cool roofs? These new roofing materials are used to reflect as much of the sun’s heat away from the building, rather than absorbing it. This will help keep your home or property cooler, increasing your energy efficiency by requiring less energy to be spent on cooling. It can also prolong the life of your roof by lessening the damage caused by the sunlight.

Cool roofs are generally made of light colors, as bright colors reflect more electromagnetic energy than dark roofs. These roofs can expand when they have absorbed more heat. They can also contract when the temperature is average, naturally, without breaking. Cool roofs also reduce pollution and the emission of excess heat to the environment.

Green Roofs

Newly built industrial, commercial, and residential buildings have been utilizing green roofs*, which are designed to be covered with plants. Containing a waterproof layer, drainage system, roof barrier, and a space to grow, these green roofs can contain entire gardens, some complete with water features.

Green roofs create a sustainable alternative to traditional roofing and can be very gentle on the environment. Many green roofs use recycled content and synthetic materials to reduce the amount of waste. The environmentally conscious aesthetic can be found combining attractiveness with practicality, benefitting the entire surrounding ecosystem. Green roofs are long-lasting and require less maintenance than traditional roofing.

Metal Roofing

Since the beginning of time, people have been covering their roofs with shingles and some sort of metal. The use of metal isn’t recent, but the development of innovative technologies using metal roofing are. Steel, aluminum, copper, and a variety of other alloys are the primary components used in metal roofing. The long-lasting durability, and the ability to be highly customizable have contributed to this widespread popularity.

With an exceptionally long lifespan of up to 70 years, the only maintenance needed to keep metal roofing in good working condition is making sure the aesthetics and functionalities are well-maintained.

Solar Shingles

Solar energy has long been the future of roofing. Thus far, this has mostly been completed by using solar panels installed on top of existing roofs and shingles. Solar shingles* take that technology a step further by combining photovoltaics with other roofing materials.

These shingles will enable homeowners to basically make their entire roofs into huge solar panels. While maximizing energy gains, this also allows many possibilities for building modern-looking roofs.

Synthetic Materials

One popular trend over the last couple years has been an increase in the demand of synthetic roofing materials. A good fit for homeowners, they are products that are more durable and can replicate wood texture and the natural color of traditional shingles or cedar shakes.

Synthetic roofing is polymer-based and made from plastic and rubber. It is easier to maintain and has a lifespan of up to 50 years. These synthetic materials are also very resistant to weather and can also come with Class 4 impact resistance, which is the toughest level of impact resistance that a roofing product can have.

Robotics and Drones

Robotics are revolutionizing the ways that roofing materials are made. Rovers are being used increasingly to examine damaged roofs and estimate costs, removing potential dangers to humans carrying out these tasks. These robots are also capable of installing certain aspects of roofing replacements.

The use of drones is also a growing trend in the roofing industry. Drones offer protection against falls and fatalities and allow inspectors to examine from a distance, while also capturing video and imaging for extended looks. These images can capture images of damages and give inspectors specific dimensions needed in the problem area.

While making life easier for roofers, it also ensures that the whole process is going to continue to be streamlined in the future.

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