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When you’re considering replacing your siding, it’s best to treat your exterior as a blank canvas…from basic design to ambitious detail, the ideal home often starts with a personal inspiration.

Choosing the right siding material for your home is a decision that’s based on many factors, from good looks to cost. But as you’re weighing the options, don’t ignore important considerations like durability and ease of maintenance. You want good looks that last!

Selecting the siding color & style for the exterior of your home involves the careful evaluation of several factors. Of course, there’s the look. Cedar shake shingles will create a different look than aluminum siding, which will look different than painted wood planks. But there are also other factors to consider.

First, is the durability of the material. The most beautiful siding invention is durability. Homeowners want a quality home exterior, and want it to last. Today’s vinyl siding is performance-engineered to protect your home from high winds, pounding rain, intense heat and frigid cold. And thanks to new state-of-the-art technology, darker siding colors are now specially formulated to resist fading and weathering, ensuring the deep, luxurious appearance stays beautiful and true. 

Second, is the amount of maintenance your siding will require to keep it looking fresh and tidy. If you like the idea of having more free time and less home maintenance, you will love vinyl siding. It recreates the beauty of freshly painted wood siding, but without the worries of rotting, splitting or insect damage. The rich vinyl color runs throughout the panel, so it won’t chip, flake or peel like painted wood – and it never needs to be painted. An occasional rinse with a garden hose will remove most airborne dust and dirt to re-store the like-new beauty.

Third, is the cost and overall value. For nearly two decades vinyl siding has been a leading choice for exterior cladding on new single-family homes. This broad appeal stems not only from its beauty, durability, and easy upkeep, but also from the fact that vinyl siding adds value to homes. In today’s resale market, an attractive, low-maintenance home exterior can help enhance the value of your home. On average, homeowners who remodel with vinyl siding can expect to recover approximately 73% of the cost of installation when it’s time to sell. Vinyl siding also has a low total-installed cost – lower than all other exterior cladding because vinyl siding goes up faster and does not require painting.

Finally, consider the siding’s energy efficiency…. how well it will insulate your home from both heat and cold. Vinyl siding has insulated siding product lines or you can install an insulated underlayment prior to installing the siding to increase your home’s overall R-Value.

Vinyl siding didn’t become America’s most popular home siding material by accident; its overall low cost, ease of installation, minimal maintenance and long-term beauty and durability make it a favorite choice among installers and homeowners who would prefer to spend their time and money in other ways.

When you are worried about the maintenance of your house and don’ t know what to do, that’s when St. Joseph’s Roofing can be of help. At times, your house is not shielded properly to endure harsh weather or may not be properly insulated. So you have to deal with cold weather and you get to hear the outdoor sounds clearly inside your home. This is when you need to replace your siding. St. Joseph’s vinyl siding is the best choice because of its exceptional quality and durability. We provide services to many areas including Fairfax and Falls Church.

St. Joseph’s Roofing Vinyl Siding Replacement service stands out due to its superior design, its durability, and because of the best warranties. It is also energy efficient, easy to clean, flame resistant, resists insect damage and cracking. So, if you are facing any of these problems, you can rely on St. Joseph’s Vinyl Siding services to do the job.

Vinyl siding is an excellent design choice for many residential structures. It’s intended to form a protective shell around the outside and protect the interior materials from weather and degradation. And, when installed correctly it does a great job, but even that only lasts so long. At some point, you’re going to need siding replacement service to rebuild that protective shell around your home. St. Joseph’s Roofing can help with the top-rated vinyl siding on the market installed by licensed and insured professionals.

We’ll help you find the perfect vinyl siding options for your home, including color and texture. Then our experienced technicians will set to work expertly installing your siding to our highest of standards. Of course, your standards are what really matter, and you’ll be completely satisfied with our siding replacement before we take our leave of the property. Remember, it’s St. Joseph’s Roofing for excellent results and unbeatable dependability!

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Here are some of the most common questions homeowners ask themselves when replacing their siding:

  • Should I use vinyl siding, fiber cement (James Hardie), wood, or composite siding?
  • What siding profile will look the best?
  • What color will I choose?
  • What manufacturer do I select?
  • Should I install vertical or horizontal siding? Or even a combination of both?
  • What about my siding accessories & trim options? 
  • Should I upgrade my siding underlayment to be more energy-efficient?
  • Are soffits part of the siding replacement process?

Vinyl Siding Technology

Vinyl Siding Technology


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