Summer is a time for enjoying outdoor activities such as arranging picnics, going to the beach, or taking a vacation. However, you can also use this season to undertake roofing maintenance tasks to address various issues that may have developed during spring or winter. As you probably know, your roof is one of the most important parts of your home. Therefore, it requires extreme care while ensuring it’s in great condition at all times. If you want to keep your roof in great condition, here are some maintenance tips and suggestions that you should consider during the summer.

Check the Shingles

Shingles play an important role in protecting your roof. They are also the most visible in the entire roofing system. Shingles are usually made from a wide range of materials such as slate, clay, and wood. However, asphalt shingles are the most commonly used in residential and commercial settings. As much as a missing shingle may not appear as such a big issue, it may lead to serious damage if not repaired immediately. When a roof has missing shingles, the entire system is directly exposed to the elements. In fact, it compromises the remaining ones.

You should also note that missing shingles also expose other parts of your roof, leading to further damage. Shingles are normally damaged by severe elements such as high wind, ice and hail strikes among others. Apart from replacing the missing shingles, you should also check whether their granules are missing. Granules are tiny glass pellets, which reflect the sun’s radiation. If the granules are damaged or missing, the roof’s underlying structures can deteriorate fast, due to direct sun exposure. Replace all missing and damaged shingles to restore the integrity of your roof.

Check Leaks

The main role of a roof is to protect the house against the elements. Therefore, if your roof leaks, then you are staring at significant damage and losses. Your summer maintenance plan should include checking for leaks. The good news is that you don’t need to climb up the roof to identify a leak. You should also note that leaks tend to develop over time. Therefore, by the time it’s detected, there is a high chance that it has already caused serious damage to the walls, which can contribute to mold. Other signs of a leak include rotten roof decking as well as plaster ceiling damage. All these forms of damage can be costly to repair. On the other hand, leaks that expose the walls to excessive moisture can lead to structural damage. Poor workmanship is one of the biggest reasons behind leaking roofs. However, drastic weather changes can also contribute to leaks. If you notice a yellow stain on your roof after the rainy season, there are high chances that your roof is leaking. Depending on the extent of the leak, you can either repair it all call professionals to do the work on your behalf.

Remove Debris

Leaves, twigs, and flowers can clog your gutter system if left unchecked for a long period. They can also lead to water backlog, which will eventually damage other parts of your house. Rotting debris can also damage the shingles, window frames and fascia boards. Therefore, it’s advisable to clean your roof approximately two times in a year. Doing this will clear the accumulated debris while ensuring free water flow. You should also repair sagging gutters as well as damaged drain components. While removing debris, you should also take this opportunity to ensure your roof is adequately breathing. Insufficient ventilation can lead to accumulation of heat and moisture while making the insulation lose its effectiveness. Therefore, clean all the debris that may have clogged your roof’s ventilation pores as well as the gutter and drainage system.

Trim Trees

Trees are among the main contributors of roof damage. When branches on the roof, they will gouge and scratch the roofing materials, every time the wind blows them. Also, falling branches from those trees can lead to significant damage to the roof as well as the structure itself. As noted above, falling leaves and twigs can clog the drainage and gutter system, causing water to flow into the living spaces. Birds can also use these trees to build nests. If the branches of these trees are directly above your roof, the bird’s droppings can contribute to further roof damage. Therefore, trim all trees and branches within proximity of your roof to prevent further damage.

Check the Soffit

A soffit is a board located beneath a roof’s eave. It connects the siding to the outer edge of your roof. Usually made of metal, vinyl or wood, the soffit plays a significant role in the entire roofing system since it acts as an air intake for attic’s ventilation. With good ventilation, the roof’s surface will always be cool. The soffit moves the air up through the attic to prevent shingles from overheating. Clogged gutters can lead to significant damage to the soffit. Also, animals such as squirrels and raccoons can use the soffit for nesting, leading to considerable damage. Check for any signs of water saturation on the soffit. Also, check for signs of physical damage such as rotten wood or gaps where the rodents have chewed through.

Safeguard Your Roof against Streaking

You should also pay close attention to your roof’s color. Areas of the roof that are mostly exposed to shade for prolonged periods of the day in humid conditions will eventually become streaked with algae, fungus and mold. If this issue is not addressed in time, it will lead to further deterioration of the roofing material, thus shortening the roof’s lifetime. To prevent the problem completely, it’s advisable to install zinc strips along the roof’s edge. Zinc strips are precision engineered to provide long-term and safe roof protection against fungus, mold, algae or mildew attack.

Final Thoughts

Maintaining your roof during the summer comes with numerous benefits. Apart from extending the life of your roof, it also saves you money, since it will prevent costly maintenance. Roof maintenance also minimizes damage to your property while maintaining the value of your home. Most importantly, you will have peace of mind knowing that your roof is secure, strong and safe. If the work appears too much to handle, you can always call a professional roofing contractor to handle all your maintenance needs.

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