Don’t Put off a New Roof, Especially During Winter

December 14, 2022by Nick0

Having your roof in its best condition is vital throughout the whole year. But in the colder months, an old or damaged roof can cause a different set of problems than in other seasons.

Can You Install a Roof During Winter?

It’s a common misconception that roofs can’t be installed during winter. In reality, a new roof can be installed at any time of the year as long as the temperature outside is above 40 degrees and the weather is clear, with no snow or ice on the roof. There are many benefits to having your roof replaced as the weather gets colder, including saving money.

Why 40 Degrees?

Most shingles used for roofing should only be installed when the outside temperature is above 40 degrees. This is because a lot of asphalt shingles are made with components that seal to the roof using the sun’s heat, making it impossible for them to seal when the weather is too cold.

In addition, shingles can become brittle and break more easily in the cold, meaning a roofing contractor will end up wasting a lot of materials that get damaged. Although some companies claim their shingles can be installed at any temperature, a lot of roofers still adhere to the 40-degrees rule to make sure they’re doing great work.

And Why Clear Weather?

A good roofing contractor’s main concerns are the quality of their work and the safety of their employees. Snow or ice on a roof makes it dangerous for roofers to work because they can easily lose their footing and fall from a height that could cause them serious harm.

Not only that, but roofers will have to wear cold weather-appropriate gear in the snow or ice, such as heavy boots, gloves, and coats, which will add to the weight they have to carry while working on your roof.

Adding in the possibility that tools won’t function as they’re supposed to in freezing conditions or shingles won’t adhere properly to the roof, it’s overall a better idea to schedule a roof replacement for a time when the weather is a little bit warmer.

Why Should I Have My Roof Replaced Before Winter?

Having a bad roof in any season is pretty much guaranteed to cost you time, effort, and money. In the winter, though, it can leave you with higher heating bills and water damage or flooding inside your home. Therefore, you should look into a roof replacement as soon as you need it rather than putting it off.

Benefits of a Winter Roof Replacement

Considering the issues you might face if you have a faulty roof, you should be jumping to get your roof replaced before the weather gets too cold! These are just a few of the benefits of scheduling your roof replacement before or during the winter months.

Saving Money on Heating Bills

It’s no surprise that your heating bills will go up in the winter, but did you know they’ll go up even more if you have an old roof? Damaged places in roofs allow the heat from your house to escape through your attic, so your heating system has to work even harder to keep you and your family comfortable. This problem is eliminated when your roof is in great condition, which is just one of the many reasons you should aim to get your old roof replaced before the weather gets too cold.

Keeping Gutters Clean and Preventing Water Damage

Having clean gutters is a must in the snowy, icy winter months. When snow builds up on your roof, it melts down and your gutters keep it from seeping into your house and causing water damage or flooding. If your roof’s shingles are in bad condition and start breaking off, pieces can get caught in your gutters and create a buildup of debris that doesn’t allow melted snow and ice through, and it can overflow and cause serious problems. If your roof is new and the shingles are securely attached, however, there will be no risk of them falling off and catching in the gutters.

More Flexible Schedule

Partly thanks to the belief that roof replacement in cold weather is impossible, many people don’t schedule roof inspections during autumn and winter. That means that roof contractors are available more readily and will have an easier time working with you to find a time that works best for your roof replacement.

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